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LDSS4310 (Rev. 1/13)Periodic Report Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is the new name for the Food Stamp Program.You must fill out this Report and return it to the address listed on
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welcome Sinha stops introduction to snap this is a brief overview for those of you who are new to snap afterward you can download information that is specific to your state so that you are ready to help clients it's incredible that Music today we're going to be talking about snack what the heck is snap snap into supplemental nutritional assistance program it used to be called food stamps Gracchus now we call it snap and snap offers nutrition assistance millions of eligible low-income Americans the program started in the 70s and teams of doctors crews that it dramatically reduced hunger in America 95 percent of federal funding goes to food I can see there is still some confusion out there so let's try to separate the facts from the fiction that Snap is a program that suffers from rampant fraud and abuse ongoing improvements to regulate the program have actually kept fraud and abuse at historically low less than 2 can't people just get a job and get off snap forty percent of households receiving SNAP benefits have at least one where concern the reality is that snap provides a vital lifeline so that people in their families can get back on their feet while they search for yeah but don't people on snap wasted on an alcohol and cigarettes and tobacco interesting snap can't be used to purchase non-food items and are strictly prohibited from buying beer wine liquor cigarettes or tobacco what about junk food well a recent study showed that for each additional dollar that a person received in snap they were more likely to purchase healthy system that creates dependency people stay on it forever you know the average length of time most new participants and mask disease ten month and receiving benefits oh snap hardly enables anyone to live well the average benefit equates to roughly a dollar forty nine four meals per day and often people don't get to the end of the month Wow perspectives can change when you separate fact from fiction we Eric Moran she's studying to get her AAS in chemistry she has a 21 GBA it is in her second semester she just failed her midterm exam and fell asleep in the last class Erica needs to maintain a 20 GPA her core courses to graduate Ericka's professor for her applied chemistry class reached out to the single stop site lead because of this the single stop site staff construct the professor to convince Erica to connect with them as soon as possible she gives him an information card that includes contact information as well as the online address for single stops technology Erica lives with her boyfriend because it just as in enough room in her parents apartment they have a one-year-old child that she recently discovered that she's pregnant and in her first trimester her parents have helped her in the past however they do not earn enough money to support her full-time she receives enough student aid to cover most of her tuition and fees it's the living expenses and causing her to stress...
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